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Basil Mohamed Gohar basilgohar at librevideo.org
Tue Jan 8 16:00:51 PST 2013


Sources are available.

On 01/08/2013 06:58 PM, Basil Mohamed Gohar wrote:
> Daniel,
> Why not make OpusDrop similar to/based-on the original OggDropXPd and
> FlacDrop applications?  My understand was that they were free software
> projects as well.
> On 01/02/2013 05:34 PM, Foveon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've put some work in a small GUI that makes transcoding files from .wav
>> to .opus more comfortable and faster. It's a small
>> C#-Windows-Application and is described and available for download at [1].
>> At the moment it's still more in an alpha state, there might be some
>> bugs. So for example one problem is, that I can't shut down the
>> opusenc.exe, if I want to quit the GUI. Don't know why, opusenc just
>> won't shut down.
>>    From my point of view it's finished to the point, where it does all the
>> things, I personally need. (Maybe transcoding from .opus to .wav would
>> be handy too).
>> But maybe you guys know, how the code can be transfered to some kind of
>> open source project managing site like sourceforge or whatever would be
>> appropriated for this little GUI.
>> with greetings,
>>        Daniel Thomae
>> [1] - http://foveon.de/sonstiges/opusdrop/
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