[opus] Wheezing sound - Google Chrome

RicΛrdo Bastos™ ric.prog at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 10:28:01 PST 2013


In Google Chrome version (win) dev-m 25.0.13655 ran a test call to play ()
randomly, and several times in 10 different files opus, each with 4K in


<audio src="midia/phone-0.mp3" type="audio/opus" id="som0"
preload="auto"></audio> ...
<button id="btn0"
onclick="document.getElementById('som0').play()">som0</button> ...

When you stop running the files, I noticed a squeak. I updated the page and
add the sizzle;
So I changed all the files to. mp3, redid the test and hiss is nonexistent;


*Ricardo Bastos Campos*
Bachelor in Systems Analysis Development (UNIFRA-FATEC)
MS Student and Multimedia Systems Researcher at INF (UFRGS*)*
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