[opus] incorrect use of MAX16

Pedro Becerra pbecerr at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 10:19:42 PST 2013

in celt/celt_encoder.c line 369, the 'b' argument to MAX16
can sometimes be greater than what can be represented by
a 16bit integer.  The default definition of MAX16 is type-less,
but I am working on an architecture with hardware support for
min/max of 16bit. Changing the default definition to take
advantage of this hardware changes the result of that

Please consider the change below for inclusion in the opus
code base.

     /* *tf_estimate = 1 + MIN16(1, sqrt(MAX16(0, tf_max-30))/20); */
-   *tf_estimate = celt_sqrt(MAX16(0, 
+   *tf_estimate = celt_sqrt(MAX32(0, 
     /*printf("%d %f\n", tf_max, mask_metric);*/


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