[opus] Opus 1.1 released

Jean-Marc Valin jmvalin at jmvalin.ca
Thu Dec 5 19:12:11 PST 2013

After more than two years of development, we have released Opus 1.1.
This includes:
* new analysis code and tuning that significantly improves encoding
quality, especially for variable-bitrate (VBR),
* automatic detection of speech or music to decide which encoding mode
to use,
* surround with good quality at 128 kbps for 5.1 and usable down to 48
kbps, and
* speed improvements on all architectures, especially ARM, where
decoding uses around 40% less CPU and encoding uses around 30% less CPU.

These improvements are explained in more details in Monty's demo
(updated from the 1.1 beta demo) at:
Of course, this new version is still fully compliant with the Opus
specification (RFC 6716). Download it from the website at



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