[opus] playback of opus files using portaudio

Akshit Jain jaina488 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 09:27:04 PST 2013

I am making a lightweight opus audio player. This is my portaudio callback
function. But i hear a stammering song when i try to play a .opus song
file. Can anybody say what is wrong or provide me link to any code which
can play opus file written in c/c++(light). I tried to see some open
source(vlc opus play) but was unable to follow.

int MyCallback(const void* input,
   void* output,
   unsigned long frameCount,
   const PaStreamCallbackTimeInfo* paInfo,
   PaStreamCallbackFlags paCallbacks,
   void *userData
OurData *data=(OurData*) userData;
opus_int16* out=(opus_int16 *)output;
int thisSize=frameCount;
int smpls_decoded;
while (thisSize>0)
  return paContinue;
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