[opus] creating opus encoder and decoder executable on Windows

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Mon Dec 2 03:39:29 PST 2013

Hi all:

How do I create opus encoder and decoder executable on Windows using MS Visual Studio 2010?

What I'm doing is the following:

1. I downloaded the codebase on my local drive using:  $ git clone git://git.opus-codec.org/opus.git

2. Then I go to D:\opus\win32\VS2010 and open the opus.sln using MS Visual Studio 2010.

3. Then I build the solution opus. I get 3 executable at D:\opus\win32\VS2010\Win32\Debug

        a. test_opus_api.exe

        b. test_opus_decode.exe

        c. test_opus_encode.exe

But these are not the Opus encoder (for creating *.opus bitstream) or decoder (for decoding *.opus to *.wav).

Any hints where I should look into and I should do?

Best Regards,


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