[opus] libopusfile's memory management.

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at xiph.org
Sat Aug 24 19:56:42 PDT 2013

alpha thinktink wrote:
> is returning in tags handlers.  So of course when I call opus_tags_clear
> or any other tags modification routine on an OpusTags struct with
> contents created by my call to malloc it throws an exception.

Yes, this doesn't work in Windows (it works everywhere else). You can't 
use malloc/free across module boundaries unless both modules are linked 
to the same DLL version of libc (static linking to libc also doesn't work).

> At the moment I've worked around it by loading and using MSVCRT.dll's
> malloc, calloc, realloc, and free but I have a feeling it's the wrong
> way to go about that.  I found it in the call stack trace when my
> debugger caught an application defined exception on the call to
> opus_tags_clear.

Well, the first question I would ask is, why are you malloc'ing your own 
memory for an OpusTags structure? Is there some missing API that we 
could provide that would just avoid the problem?

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