[opus] Opus for ASR

Young, Milan Milan.Young at nuance.com
Mon Sep 17 11:51:46 PDT 2012

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> From: Benjamin Schwartz [mailto:benjamin.m.schwartz at gmail.com]
> Those all sound like great ideas to me.  (I would add VBR strategy to the list.)
[Milan] Yes, VBR is a problem area for us.  Could you please expound upon what sort of strategy you have in mind for a fix?

> The converse is also true, of course: you might well want to retrain your ASR
> for Opus!  Remember that Opus spans two orders of magnitude in bitrate,
> mono vs. stereo, and at least two totally different encoding algorithms.  When
> you don't control the encoder, you'll have to deal with the whole variety.
> When you do, you'll have to decide which modes are worth using, and which
> are not.  You might even want to maintain bitrate- and mode-specific ASR
> models!
[Milan] Yes, we certainly have long term hopes for Opus.  As it becomes more widespread we'll be sure to investigate the suggested optimizations.


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