[opus] CELT 0.11.3 tandem test fails

Georgi D. Sotirov gdsotirov at dir.bg
Sun Sep 2 15:31:18 PDT 2012

On 3.09.2012 01:12, Timothy B. Terriberry wrote:
> Georgi D. Sotirov wrote:
>>                  --enable-assertions
> This is a bad idea. These can slow down the library significantly, as 
> they were only meant to be enabled for debugging.

Yep, I haven't though it that way, but what are assertions good for than
debugging? Removing it...
>>     Error: celt_decode returned unknown error
>>     Error: celt_decode returned unknown error
>>     Error: celt_decode returned unknown error
> In-band signaling of the CELT frame size and bandwidth was added in 
> commit e6acfe07 in March 2011, which required celt_decode() to return 
> the number of decoded samples, but the test was not updated to expect 
> this return value.

OK. Clear.
>> Let me know if I could help you with more information and I hope you're
>> resolve the problem soon.
> libcelt is no longer being maintained. Packages should transition to 
> libopus, which offers functionality that is a complete superset, and 
> actually receives bugfixes, etc. What packages are Slackware shipping 
> that still depend on libcelt?

Right, but I have it as a prerequisite for building JACK
<http://jackaudio.org/> and I see some other distributions are still
providing libcelt. Perhaps JACK already moved to Opus

P.S. I'm not an official Slackware developer and neither CELT nor JACK
are official Slackware packages. I'm building both on my own for my site
SlackPack <http://sotirov-bg.net/slackpack/>.



*Georgi D. Sotirov*

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