[opus] OPUS - save info to a file

Ralph Giles giles at thaumas.net
Tue Dec 18 09:34:38 PST 2012

On 12-12-18 7:13 AM, van Bijleveld Christian (ST-CO/ENG1.3) wrote:

> Recently I downloaded and built the opus-xxx under Linux. There are
> several options available through command line, but I see no option to
> save the info that was available in the opus-tools-xxx-win32 version.

My builds of opusenc and opusdec on linux both support --save-range.
These are important for verifying implementation correctness.

You say you built opus-xxx, but not opus-tools-xxx. Note that the
opusenc and opusdec utilities are in a separate source package (and git
repository). You need to build first opus, and then opus-tools to use them.


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