[CELT-dev] FW: Compile a fixed-point version of CELT on TI C55 DSP ?

selami tastan selami-tastan at windowslive.com
Tue May 3 06:12:46 PDT 2011

 > If your system does not support ALLOCA then do not define USE_ALLOCA.

Hi again,
When i didn't define USE_ALLOCA, Project can be build successfully.But , application goto failure becuase of  null variable "global_stack". (I think this is because of huge GLOBAL_STACK_SIZE )So  i define an array to point to global_stack. But, at this time,  application is looping in a while.
I attached Code Composer Studio project and that's clone visual Studio project.
Everything is ok in PC, but i can not figure out in CCS.
Does Anybody test celt in ti C55 ?

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