[CELT-dev] Error resilience

Riccardo Micci riccardo.micci at cambridgeconsultants.com
Thu Mar 17 11:05:36 PDT 2011

We're testing CELT (version 0.7.1) error resilience capability. We've used 
already celtdec packet-loss options. Hence we know what to expect in case 
of whole packet loss.
How does Celt respond to a broken encoded packet? Is it always better to 
discard it and decode the missing frame through decode_lost? 
We have the hardware capability of protecting the frame with multiple 
CRCs. Hence we might have a rough estimation of how many bits are wrong in 
the frame (no error correction though), in case of few corrupted bits, is 
it better to use the current frame for decoding?


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