[CELT-dev] Raw CELT Bytes from the Command Line Interface

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 1 10:13:20 PDT 2011

In a sense, there's no such thing as a stream of "raw CELT bytes".

CELT can only be decoded after it's been broken into frames, and the frame
boundaries cannot be determined by looking at the CELT data itself.  A
transport layer such as Ogg or RTP is required to provide this framing

In your case, the easiest solution might be to process the Ogg stream in
order to retrieve the CELT frame data.  This is meant to be very easy;
every Ogg player has to do it.  The obvious alternative would be to modify
the command-line tools to export CELT using your own nonstandard framing


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