[CELT-dev] Linking multiple versions of CELT in same executable

raja gobi raja.gobi at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 20:01:39 PDT 2010


I have a couple of questions

1. Is there a way to build CELT which will allow me to link multiple versions of 
CELT in the same executable?
I need that to support older content and when we move to newer CELT versions.

2. I was looking through the archives and found one patch from Thorvald at

But, looks like that is only for library names.
Also, I tried building 0.8.1 on linux/x86/32-bit and it just built libcelt0.a 
and not libcelt081.a.
LIBCELT_SUFFIX was set to 0 in Makefile.

I configured it using
./configure --enable-static=yes --enable-shared=no --enable-fixed-point

I do not know what I am doing wrong to get the incorrect suffix.

Can you please help?



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