[CELT-dev] Possible Bug

Riccardo Micci riccardo.micci at cambridgeconsultants.com
Thu Sep 2 06:00:38 PDT 2010

Decoding the second frame the function unquant_fine_energy is executed. 
Within it ec_dec_bits subfunction is executed (q2 = ec_dec_bits(dec, 
fine_quant[i]);). Ec_dec_bits calls ec_decode_raw 
In ec_decode_raw within the while loop the following line is executed:
value |= _this->end_byte>>(8-_this->end_bits_left)<<count;
As you can see end_byte is read and used before nothing else has written 
in it before. 
This produce different results on different platforms.


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Jean-Marc Valin <Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca> 
02/09/2010 13:41

celt-dev at xiph.org
riccardo.micci at cambridgeconsultants.com
Re: [CELT-dev] Possible Bug

> The problem comes decoding the next frame. Since now "shortBlocks" is 
> "end_byte" is not initialized anymore and next functions read it before
> update.
> Can someone confirm this behaviour? In my case i modified ec_dec_init
> function to initialize it as well. What is the correct value?

Can you give a bit more information on what's happening? The end_byte 
field does not need to be initialized because it should get read when 
end_bits_left is zero. In what function is the uninitialized read 
happening and what happens then?


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