[CELT-dev] PLC cpu performance badness

Ross Bencina rossb-lists at audiomulch.com
Tue Nov 30 09:13:49 PST 2010

Hello all

Firstly thanks to everyone involved for creating CELT. It is really very 
useful :-)

One of my targets is current generation Apple iPod with the fixed point 
decoder (latest version from website, 0.9.1)

Based on my simple time-stamp based profiling of my running app it looks 
like decoding a null buffer for PLC costs a lot more than decoding a normal 
buffer. For example a standard decode takes about 1ms but the PLC decodes 
are predictably taking either 2.6ms or 4.4ms

Is PLC inefficiency a known issue? Is there a way to get it to use the same 
amount of CPU as a normal buffer decode?

I'm happy to help optimise or debug this.. I'm just not sure where the best 
place to start is.

Thank you


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