[CELT-dev] CELT 0.7.1 is out -- sort of

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Thu Jan 21 21:08:25 PST 2010

Hi everyone,

I'd like to announce CELT 0.7.1, which improves the quality of the 
packet loss concealment (PLC), but does not change the rest of the 
codec. For this reason it is the first release NOT to break bit-stream 
compatibility with the previous release (0.7.0). But I promise not to do 
it again, the next CELT release will likely break compatibility once 
again. Note that the PLC improvements have not been completely converted 
to fixed-point yet, so the fixed-point still uses the old PLC. Last 
thing, the default name of the library was changed to libcelt0.so to 
make it easier to do the transition when the final 1.0 release comes out 
(with frozen bit-stream and API).

Now, we're currently experiencing some problems with the mirrors, so the 
only way to get 0.7.1 for now is through git (it's tagged as "v0.7.1"). 
As soon as the problem is solved, the tar.gz will be available for 
download on the website as well.



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