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Date: 2010/8/20
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Was writing about an similar issue a week ago (just after signing in to the
mailing list. Somehow I never got an answer, but the mail appears in the
archive. Here again my positing, maybe someone can help.

Hi All

I am trying to build the latest version 0.8.1 using Cygwin under Windows.

Everything builds well using the default configuration (configure with
no additional parameters).
trying to use: configure --enable-fixed results in a warning:
unrecognized option.

As I found --enable-fixed-point in the config.in as parameter I run
the configure with --enable-fixed-point
Now the configure runs well.
The final screen of the configure says: Automatic configuration OK
Fixed point support <yes>

But if I run now make, I do end up with the following error during linkage:

in libcelt/mathops.h:176: undefined reference to `_ec_ilog´

There are also many warnings with: visibility attribute not supported
for this configuration.

Any ideas?

Was somebody able to build the fixed point version?

In the same context if I want to evaluate the quality:
What is the quality difference between the fixed and the floating point version?

Thank you very much

2010/8/19 Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca>

On 10-08-18 06:17 PM, Yon Ahrens wrote:
> > does anyone have small programms in C, one to encode and one to decode
> > with celt, that I could use for a fpga chip softcore?
> You can't really have any simpler than what's already in the CELT C code
> you can download. Just make sure you compile as fixed-point.
> Cheers,
>        Jean-Marc
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