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Date: 2010/8/18
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Thanks for the clarification, understood.

So the only measure we have is the perceptual audio quality?
Which are the most recent comparisons you have.
Looking at the celt_euspico report I wonder if the comparison was made with
- low complexity version or not
- fixed point version or not

if not are there major differences in quality for the low complexity and the
fixed point version?

Another question I have is if you ever compared the Codec to the APT-X codec
which is used for Bluetooth wireless headsets.


2010/8/18 Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca>

> Measurements like THD (along with SNR and frequency response) belong to the
> analog world. They are not adequate for describing most forms of digital
> processing -- and especially not codecs. What you want is perceptual quality
> tests -- that's all that matters.
> Cheers,
>        Jean-Marc
> On 10-08-17 09:26 AM, Jochen Kilian wrote:
>> Hi
>> Has anybody done THD or THD-N measurements with the CELT Codec (bext
>> would be on various bit rates)
>> If someone could share results for Mono at 64kBit and Stereo at 128 and
>> 196kBit it would be great.
>> thank you very much
>> Jochen
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