[CELT-dev] Total Harmonic Distortion THD

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Tue Aug 17 19:27:11 PDT 2010


Measurements like THD (along with SNR and frequency response) belong to 
the analog world. They are not adequate for describing most forms of 
digital processing -- and especially not codecs. What you want is 
perceptual quality tests -- that's all that matters.



On 10-08-17 09:26 AM, Jochen Kilian wrote:
> Hi
> Has anybody done THD or THD-N measurements with the CELT Codec (bext
> would be on various bit rates)
> If someone could share results for Mono at 64kBit and Stereo at 128 and
> 196kBit it would be great.
> thank you very much
> Jochen
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