[CELT-dev] Many changes recently

raja gobi raja.gobi at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 15 15:35:21 PDT 2009

Hi Jean-Marc,

I am having trouble with compiling the git repository code on Ubuntu 8.04. In fact, I have not had success running autogen.sh + configure on Ubuntu 8.04.

automake version --> 1.10.1
autoconf version --> 2.61

Do I need a later version of these?

Get the following error in configure

./configure: line 21264: syntax error near unexpected token `tools="tools",'
./configure: line 21264: `  XIPH_PATH_OGG(tools="tools", tools="")'


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raja gobi a écrit :
> Is there any plan to make this an official release soon?

I'm planning on releasing 0.7.0 in the not too far future, but I can't
say when exactly. If anyone has tried the current git code, can you
please comment on the list about any improvements or problems you saw?



> Cheers,
> -raja.
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> Subject: [CELT-dev] Many changes recently
> Hi Everyone,
> I just merged a lot of changes in the CELT master branch. This should
> solve the following issues:
> - tonal artefacts (birdies) at low bit-rate
> - tonal artefacts in stereo at all rates
> - low-frequency noise (roughness) on low bit-rate speech
> The code has been simplified a lot, but there's lots of changes, so
> please give this a try and see if anything got broken.
> Cheers,
>     Jean-Marc
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