[CELT-dev] Problems building celt-0.5.2 for blackfin

Ian Davidson Ian.Davidson at VitecGroup.com
Tue Mar 10 03:13:10 PDT 2009

Problems building celt-0.5.2 for blackfin.


Use the following to configure:


# bfinconf

# Set up configuration to cross compile on blackfin

./configure \

--host=bfin \

--enable-fixed-point \

CC=bfin-uclinux-gcc \

CFLAGS='-O2 '\

'-mfast-fp '\

'-ffast-math '\

'-Wall -Dlinux '\

'-D__linux__ '\

'-fno-strict-aliasing '\

'-elf2flt '\

'-save-temps '


Get the following error on make:

celtenc.c:56:21: error: ogg/ogg.h: No such file or directory


The kernel has the following ogg.h files:

1 : ./user/blkfin-apps/mplayer/mplayer-svn-25211/tremor/ogg.h 

2 : ./user/blkfin-apps/mpd/mpd-0.10.0/src/tremor/ogg.h        

3 : ./user/oggplay/Tremor/ogg.h                               

4 : ./lib/tremor/ogg.h


files 3 & 4 are identical

files 1,2 and 3 are all different


I plan to get it to work by adding one of these directories to the
search path, but which one should I use?




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