[CELT-dev] llcon software using CELT

Volker v.fischer at nt.tu-darmstadt.de
Sun Aug 16 10:40:10 PDT 2009

Hi all,

I am the developer of the llcon software (llcon.sf.net) which is a 
software making it possible for musicians to play in real-time over the 
internet. Up to now I have used ADPCM or no audio coding.

Gregory Maxwell was pointing me to the great CELT project. Using CELT 
has the advantage to be able to use higher sample rates, getting lower 
code rate and better error concealment.

I have now finished the inclusion of CELT in llcon, replacing all 
previous audio codecs. CELT is now the core technology in llcon.

To proceed with an official llcon release, I have some questions 
regarding CELT:

- Gregory was suggesting an implementation in CELT so that different 
CELT streams could be mixed up without adding additional coding delay (I 
require this in my llcon server). Are there any plans in that direction? 
If yes, when can I expect to get the code?

- Since CELT is now a core component in llcon, is it allowed to use some 
CELT text or logo in the main window of llcon?

- To be able to compile the CELT code in Visual Studio, I had to replace 
all "restricted" and "inline" by "__restricted" and "__inline". It would 
be nice if there would exist global defines for those key words so that 
they could easily be changed depending on the used compiler.

Thank you for your support and, of course, thank you for your great CELT 
Best Regards,

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