[CELT-dev] A new era in Radio! Don't miss The Experimental Beat! (fwd)

Geoff Shang geoff at QuiteLikely.com
Sat Aug 8 16:47:30 PDT 2009


Excuse the blatent self-promotion and certain degree of off-topicness, but 
I thought people here might find this of interest.

We just recorded a radio show using Fideliphone (www.fideliphone.com) 
which uses CELT.  Not sure exactly which version but the most recent 
release of Fideliphone was in May so it's probably not the most recent 
version.  Anyway it performed beautifully!

I have been very enthusiastic about the potential for CELT in broadcast 
applications for some time now, and was very excited to finally try it 
out.  It completely lived up to my expectations.  So I thought some on 
these lists might be interested to hear it at work.

Unfortunately there's a bit of echo from speakers at one of the remote 
parties, and the other remote had a noisy mic preamp, so it doesn't always 
sound squeaky clean.  But it's a great showcase of the codec and I'd love 
to be able to use it more in these sorts of settings.


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Edwin Khoo is unable to do his fabulous Oriental Beat show this week due
to it being Singapore's national day.  So what do we have in its place?

What indeed!

We have just finished recording an amazing show using some amazing
technology.  Naama and me in Israel, Chrissie in London and DJ Cuckoo in
the USA teamed up to do a co-hosted show.  Nothing unusual?  Maybe not,
except that we had music being played from both London and Israel, and we
dare you to try and guess who played what.  It really was *that* good.

How did we do this and what did we use?  You'll have to tune in and find

The Experimental Beat airs first on Sunday at 12 hours Universal time,
that's 2 pm in Central europe, 8 am in the Eastern USA, 5 am Pacific time
in the USA and 10 pm in Eastern Australia.  It will repeat 15 hours later
at 03:00 Universal time on Monday, that's 5 am in Central Europe, 1 pm in
Eastern Australia, and Sunday night in the USA - 11pm Eastern and 8pm

To tune in, simply visit http://TheGlobalVoice.info and pick your
favourite player.

We hope you will enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed recording it

That's The Experimental Beat, only on The Global Voice.


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