[ogg-dev] Patches for the CMake build script

Cristian Adam cristian.adam at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 14:15:53 PDT 2016

On 31-Mar-16 23:14, Marcel Metz wrote:
> Hello ogg developers,
> I'm part of the [FreeOrion][1] project and we use the libogg aswell as
> libvorbis to en/decode the audio bits of our game.  We currently
> provide an an SDK for other developers with the various dependencies
> used by FreeOrion, one of them is libogg.  To generate this SDK we use
> CMake and utilize the CMake support that was added recently to libogg by
> Alexey (@stopiccot on Github).  While doing so I stumbled of some minor
> issues with the CMakeLists.txt and I would like to provide patches for
> those issues.  I already asked on IRC for the preferred way of
> contributing patches and dev there said it would be best to ask on the
> mailing list.
> So, what would be the best way to contribute patches to the project?
> Also is there some copyright assignment required to get patches
> accepted?
> regards,
> Marcel Metz
> [1]: http://www.freeorion.org/

Hi Marcel,

Previous CMake contributions were made using github's pull request 


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