[ogg-dev] Min and max cutoff frequency

Monty Montgomery monty at xiph.org
Thu Mar 21 08:08:54 PDT 2013

> Presuming that you are asking regarding the Ogg Vorbis audio format, the
> correct answer is: there is no minimum or maximum cutoff frequency.  Vorbis
> can code all frequencies from DC to Nyquist.  What Vorbis will actually do
> is extremely complex, extremely nonlinear, and highly dependent on bitrate.
> If you are in the mentality of linear time-invariant filters, you will never
> be able to understand it.

Well, it's not quite that complex, but it is adaptive.  There are no
hard limits in the format.

You can sometimes make a prediction based on the encoder and specific
encoding mode... so, for what reason are you actually asking?


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