[ogg-dev] can you suggest on extending ogg as short-clip container and the make of its tool?

gildororonar at mail-on.us gildororonar at mail-on.us
Wed Mar 6 02:26:47 PST 2013

Quoting "Benjamin Schwartz" <ben at bemasc.net>:
> I'm not sure how you reached this conclusion, but I think you should
> revisit it.  I think everyone, including you, will be a lot happier if you
> store each sound effect clip in its own file.  This is a common practice
> for sound effects and samples in ogg.

No it is not a common practise. In fact I fail to find a single  
computer game using separate file for each context / sound effect  
short clips.

I will start naming a few that I studied in the last a few days.  
Samurai Sprit PC edition, Fallout 3 and Skyrim, L.A. Norie. Most  
common practise is to enclose them in something indexable. For  
example, lots of Bethesda games uses an container format (seems  
non-compressing) they invented themselves, called ".bsa". I'd like to  
say using each game vendor's own archive format is more likely the  
standard practise.

There are a few strong reasons to do it: the clips are often as short  
as 4kB, in a 64kB cluster file system it is a waste of more than 90%  
space. If they are installed on FAT32 the FS chokes more.

Your suggests in a strong voice, how are you going to back that up?

Best regards


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