[ogg-dev] XiphQT and OSX 10.9

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at xiph.org
Tue Dec 3 10:51:40 PST 2013

Kevin George wrote:
> Has anyone looked in to workarounds for this problem or what steps would need to be taken in order to get XiphQT working with a 64-bit version of iTunes?  I'm assuming XiphQT is not the only third party component that adds support for a file format to iTunes and that it isn't impossible to continue to do.

The last time I talked to someone at Apple, there were simply no 
replacements for the APIs that had been deprecated (the story was that 
they had internal APIs that they were "stabilizing" before they made 
them public). That was two years ago, however. I don't know if the 
situation has changed.

> I was thinking about digging further but I thought I should ask first in case it has already been done.

I don't think it has been done. If you find something out, I am 
definitely curious.

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