[ogg-dev] XiphQT and OSX 10.9

Kevin George kevingeo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 2 23:05:14 PST 2013


After running 10.9 for a while, I noticed iTunes would no longer play my ogg files.  I found a workaround suggesting that I force iTunes to run in 32 bit mode.  After doing this, iTunes informs me that it can only be run in 64 bit mode.

The reason appears to be that in 10.9, Quicktime APIs have been largely deprecated.  Before I realized that was the cause, I was trying to build 64 bit XiphQT binaries, but it fails because a number of the Quicktime types it wants to use no longer exist (among other things).

Has anyone looked in to workarounds for this problem or what steps would need to be taken in order to get XiphQT working with a 64-bit version of iTunes?  I'm assuming XiphQT is not the only third party component that adds support for a file format to iTunes and that it isn't impossible to continue to do.

I was thinking about digging further but I thought I should ask first in case it has already been done.


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