[ogg-dev] Skeleton 4.0 final draft

Chris Pearce chris at pearce.org.nz
Thu Jun 10 17:16:14 PDT 2010

  Hey all,

I've created a new wiki.xiph.org page for Skeleton 4 which includes 
OggIndex. It's here:


It would be nice if interested parties could take a look, and make sure 
it all makes sense, is coherent, clear etc.

I removed the new granulepos-related fields we were discussing, until we 
can clearly define what's needed. Skeleton 4 now has compulsory "Role" 
and "Name" message header fields.

I have no plans to change the 'index' packet format further.

Sebastian Dröge tells me he's implemented OggIndex support in gstreamer! 

I have updated my OggIndex program to produce files in this format, and 
I'm currently rebasing my OggIndex-support Firefox patch.

Chris P.

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