[ogg-dev] Using vorbis-java to read an existing file?

Nick Burch ogg at gagravarr.org
Thu Jan 28 03:10:13 PST 2010

On Tue, 26 Jan 2010, Nick Burch wrote:
> The snag is that I can't see how to work with an existing file, only to 
> create new ones. The encoding example only writes, doesn't read. The 
> javadocs don't appear to tell you what you need to do. I tried to follow 
> the C examples, but the APIs just seem to be too different :(

Having looked at the Java code some more, and at the original C code, it 
seems to me that the read support is missing from the vorbis-java port. I 
can see the various write related parts from the C coded in their Java 
equivalents, but the read bits seem to be missing :/

Can someone confirm if that's the case?

Assuming so, I'm trying to decide if it's likely to be better to port the 
missing read parts from C to Java, or start again with something with a 
more "Java like" api. Having read rfc 3533, I don't think doing a 
read-only ogg layer api using Java conventions should be too hard to 


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