[ogg-dev] Using vorbis-java to read an existing file?

Nick Burch ogg at gagravarr.org
Tue Jan 26 07:59:02 PST 2010

Hi All

I was hoping to be able to use the vorbis-java library to read the 
comments attached to an ogg vorbis audio file.

The snag is that I can't see how to work with an existing file, only to 
create new ones. The encoding example only writes, doesn't read. The 
javadocs don't appear to tell you what you need to do. I tried to follow 
the C examples, but the APIs just seem to be too different :(

Could anyone point me at an example / some documentation on how to use 
vorbis-tools to read an existing file?

(I want to use vorbis-tools rather than some of the other java ogg 
libraries out there, as I'm after something under BSD or Apache licenses, 
and all the other things I found were GPL/LGPL)


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