[ogg-dev] ogg decoding without "synchronization"

Nicolas Montgermont nicolas_montgermont at yahoo.fr
Wed Feb 24 16:45:26 PST 2010

Hi list,

I have an artistic project in which I manipulate streams.
At the moment I'm using ogg vorbis streams, Icecast servers and the 
multimedia puredata software.

In this project I would like to read an ogg stream from an icecast 
server and decode data in the order it is incoming.
I would like to skip the step that is reordering the data conforming to 
the order it was send.

Do you know if something like that is possible?
As far as I understand, the ogg layer is in charge of reordering this data.
But I'm not really understanding if and how it reorganizes the pages, 
the packets, or both.

I've seen this granulepos info that seems interesting for what i'm 
searching, but i don't understand if it's an absolute position since the 
beginning of the stream and how i can manipulate it to eventually 
renumber the incoming data.

I'm working above this piece of code:
and under ubuntu 9.10 or osx 10.5.

Do i have a possibility to decode the sound in the order of the incoming 
Any idea is welcome.
Let me know if i'm not clear enough or if you need more infos.

Thanks for your help,


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