[ogg-dev] Using vorbis-java to read an existing file?

Nick Burch ogg at gagravarr.org
Sun Feb 7 14:23:34 PST 2010

On Thu, 4 Feb 2010, Nick Burch wrote:
> Currently the vcs isn't anywhere public. I've dropped a snapshot at 
> http://gagravarr.org/misc/vj-20100204-1.tar.gz in case anyone's interested in 
> taking a look so far. (It builds with maven, and currently has the org.xiph 
> namespace)

A new version is now available at

This now includes a pure java implementation of vorbiscomment, both for 
reading and writing. (org.xiph.vorbis.tools.VorbisCommentTool if you want 
to try it)

> Going forward though, it does need to go into a public vcs. Ideally I 
> guess the xiph.org svn, as that would be an obvious place for people to 
> look, and there's already the (partial, write only) implementation 
> there.

Is there the interest in hosting this code in xiph.org?


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