[ogg-dev] liboggplay, liboggz, libfishsound migrated to git.xiph.org

j at v2v.cc j at v2v.cc
Fri Apr 3 01:03:03 PDT 2009

Conrad Parker wrote:
> Hi,
> A week or two ago Viktor Gal migrated the liboggplay source repo to
> git.xiph.org, and this week I moved the liboggz and libfishsound
> repositories.
> You can see the git repositories available via gitweb at
> I wrote some brief news about the move, and instructions for getting
the code:
> http://blog.kfish.org/2009/04/liboggplay-liboggz-libfishsound.html
> Thanks to Ralph Giles for helping with the server management.

How is write access to the official repository handled right now?
in the past it was possible for people with svn access to commit minor
fixes or apply patches. would be sad if now write access to the official
repository is limited to one person. might be a good idea to set git up
in a way that makes it possible for a group of people to commit to the
official branch. what about documenting how that would work at


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