[ogg-dev] Header for Kate category

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Tue Jun 17 02:35:55 PDT 2008

> What is Language-Category being used for? Conrad mentioned HTTP

For the category, which is a short text string describing the type of
content in a stream. For the moment, the only ones I use are "subtitles"
and "spu-subtitles", but you would also have things like "transcript",
"commentary", etc. It's meant as a way for a player to display those to
the user when selecting a stream (eg, you'd have "English subtitles"
in a menu or similar). That string is not supposed to be localized, but
taken from a number of well known strings so a player "knows" what a
particular stream is meant to be, semantically.

> headers, which is where the naming scheme for Skeleton came from. Is
> there any fields in the HTTP headers that would be more appropriately
> named for your needs?

Not that I saw on the page Conrad mentioned.

> Also, the "X-" naming will make it really safe,
> because you can choose those at will. The others are more
> "standard"...

I think I'll do that and send another patch then.

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