[ogg-dev] Ogg/Kate preliminary documentation

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Wed Jan 16 02:58:57 PST 2008

> I also disagree that CMML is complex, but I may be mistaken. In terms
> of complexity, I see it as about 10% of the way between using
> zero-markup and using HTML.

When I looked at it, it seemed to be that CMML could contain things like
URLs, and other "non-text" markup. While complex may not be the right
word for it (maybe "too much of a superset for most uses of text" would be
more appropriate), a program using a stream to get, say, video subtitles,
would have to expect those and deal with them (probably by discarding
them as they parse them).

This is what I meant by complex, that is, in the context of what I was trying
to do, which is certainly a rather narrow goal compared to the expressivity
that CMML can give due to its being XML based, making it more suited to
meta description of accompanying streams, for which it seemed (from what
I've seen) to have been designed.

That said, I'm thinking more and more of allowing simple markup, lifted from
HTML, with an API function to select whether or not that markup will be
scrubbed before being passed to the client code, so the complexity issue
(or the perception of it) becomes less acute.


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