[ogg-dev] Ogg/Kate, a karaoke and text codec for embedding in Ogg

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Mon Jan 14 05:06:34 PST 2008

> Cool.  Have you looked at CMML so far?  What you describe is very
> alike what CMML is supposed to do.

Yes, I saw this a little after I'd started (I'd only seen Writ
originally). I didn't have an
in-depth look at it however.

The things that made me discount CMML were:

 - it seems to be more about meta description of other streams in a
container than
   about being data by itself - Kate streams can be used as subtitles,
but do not have
   to be, they're intended to be self contained. An e-book, for
instance, could be a
   single text stream. There will be more in the documentation I will
post later.

 - it seems unnecessarily complex for my use (allowing links to the
web, for instance,
   which is just fine for meta description of other content for which
it is designed) and
   would need extra definitions for semantics. However, since the Kate
   does not cover "external" file formats, it would be very possible
to create a Kate
   stream from a CMML XML file (for the moment, I build my streams
from a custom text
   based description, which is meant to be temporary, but I planned to
have encoding
   from existing formats (SSA, etc), so CMML would be another possibility).

 - it seemed to be designed for something else (Annodex, which I
didn't have a look
   at, but which seems to be a kind of archiving/retrieval system for
audio/video), and
   discussions about embedding it into Ogg seemed to be old and not
going anywhere
   and peter out (though that's only through Google searches, I may be
missing a lot).

Well, there's another thing also, which is that it's fun to write your own :)

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