[ogg-dev] Ogg/Kate, a karaoke and text codec for embedding in Ogg

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Mon Jan 14 04:30:31 PST 2008

Hi there,

I'm not sure what the right place would be, please  direct me to where is
most appropriate
if not this list.

I am currently working on a codec designed for karaoke and text information,
to be embedded
in an Ogg container. It includes text, motion information, and

At the moment, the bitstream design is still in flux, but draws heavily from
Vorbis and Theora,
while leaving scope for backward compatible future changes.

As a proof of concept, I have the codec working for subtitles in MPlayer
(text only for now)
and in some unreleased software of mine, as well as patch to oggmerge to
multiplex it with
Vorbis and Theora (BTW, I added Theora support to oggmerge, which oddly
didn't have it,
maybe I was looking at an old version ? It was from the xiph svn).

I would like to get feedback on the design, as this is the first step
towards having a complete
spec for the bitstream format, and the Xiph people are the best people to

Is this the right place to post such a thing ?

Thanks in advance
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