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> > can create addressing schemes can refer to just a subset of logical
> > bitstreams if you e.g. only want some part of the composition delivered
> to
> > you from a server. For example,
> > http://example.org/video.ogx?track=video,audio,transcript will avoid
> giving
> > you the digital time,logo, and channel number tracks for the above
> example.
> > The CMML design has always focused on trying to keep things in
> components
> > that can easily be added or taken away.
> This is a very good point, and the real point of Annodex, if I'm not
> mistaken
> (addressability of audio/video content) ? Kate does not attempt to deal
> with
> this, it's totally outside its scope. I understand that CMML does this for
> non
> CMML streams anyway (eg, Theora) ?

CMML provides addressability only on the annotation track for any file that
it is used in - so, yes, also in a Theora file, but not without having a
CMML bitstream.

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