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> > I also disagree that CMML is complex, but I may be mistaken. In terms
> > of complexity, I see it as about 10% of the way between using
> > zero-markup and using HTML.
> When I looked at it, it seemed to be that CMML could contain things like
> URLs, and other "non-text" markup. While complex may not be the right
> word for it (maybe "too much of a superset for most uses of text" would be
> more appropriate), a program using a stream to get, say, video subtitles,
> would have to expect those and deal with them (probably by discarding
> them as they parse them).
> This is what I meant by complex, that is, in the context of what I was
> trying
> to do, which is certainly a rather narrow goal compared to the
> expressivity
> that CMML can give due to its being XML based, making it more suited to
> meta description of accompanying streams, for which it seemed (from what
> I've seen) to have been designed.

Hyperlinks are optional - as is just about all other markup.

The simplest CMML markup you can create is in principle identical to your
example on the wiki page:

  <clip start="00:00:05" end="00:00:10:>
    <desc>This is a text</desc>

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