[ogg-dev] How to fix broken ogg/theora files

yorn at gmx.net yorn at gmx.net
Thu Dec 11 00:01:38 PST 2008

Hey Conrad,

> > I am working on a patch for oggCut for that issue (looks good actually
> but I would like to do some testing befor I can release a patch.)
> great :)
> It might be good if you test the output with oggz-validate, which
> checks the page ordering etc.

I always do ;-)

> > BTW oggCut cuts at keyframes, if you want to cut a video 100% perfect, I
> would suggest to use a video cut program.
> If you add a skeleton track which describes the cut that the user
> asked for, then it can be rendered properly. Basically all you need to
> do is put the time of the start of the cut that the user requested in
> the "presentation time" field, then a player that understands skeleton
> (eg. firefox) will know not to render any frames before that time.

I read about the discussion arround ogg-skeleton. My main aim is, to create tools that are convinient to the users, so the only chance I see actually for the skeleton is as an optional feature.
If you imagin Oliver for example: He wants to have an easy way to create a subsample ogg media file and then wants to create a flash movie out of that using ffmepg. 
ffmpeg itself (as mplayer, mencoder, xine, cortado and all the others) do not support ogg-skeleton (or are there any good news about that?). So creating an ogg-file with the skeleton will be counterproductive, as the output will not be as expected (or name it: bad). 
I am blamed for this unexpected behaviour, so I actually decided not to use the skeleton (as mandatory), even though I think the skeleton is a good idea and points in the right direction for futur developments especially in the web driven world.

BTW I was not aware that firefox is able to understand the ogg-skeleton. I may draw my attention more in that direction - but time is a real problem for me :-/.

- Yorn 

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