[ogg-dev] [Vorbis-dev] MT9 Capabilities

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com
Mon Aug 18 04:17:56 PDT 2008

> > about this MT9 think a while ago and i thought it would be awesome if
> > Vorbis, and all could implement something like this.
> This looks like going back to Amiga modules, woohoo :)
> In any case, if it's merely supplying several tracks and leaving the
> mixing to the
> user/player, then nothing's needed for Vorbis (or FLAC, or others). Ogg
> allows
> several tracks to be concurently multiplexed, so players can mix them. A
> player
> might then decide to let the user tweak volumes of each track, but
> that's outside
> the purview of Ogg. Something that could be added, however, to make it
> easier
> on the player to *know* such tracks are supposed to be handled that way,
> are
> standardized message headers to Skeleton to indicate such tracks.

Is this how MT9 does it? I considered this but thought there might be a
better way since wouldn't this take up a lot more space?
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