[ogg-dev] [Vorbis-dev] MT9 Capabilities

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Mon Aug 18 04:11:38 PDT 2008

> Sorry, but i wasn't sure the best place to post this. I was looking for some
> forums but it doesn't look like Xiph has any official ones. Anyways, i heard

This sounds like an Ogg thing rather than a codec specific thing, so
I've trimmed
all but ogg-dev.

> about this MT9 think a while ago and i thought it would be awesome if FLAC,
> Vorbis, and all could implement something like this.

This looks like going back to Amiga modules, woohoo :)

In any case, if it's merely supplying several tracks and leaving the
mixing to the
user/player, then nothing's needed for Vorbis (or FLAC, or others). Ogg allows
several tracks to be concurently multiplexed, so players can mix them. A player
might then decide to let the user tweak volumes of each track, but
that's outside
the purview of Ogg. Something that could be added, however, to make it easier
on the player to *know* such tracks are supposed to be handled that way, are
standardized message headers to Skeleton to indicate such tracks.

> In combination with that, it would also be cool to have some sort of
> subtitles-esque thing for audio which would be useful for speeches and
> karaoke.

There is, though fancy karaoke type overlay is still work in progress:

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