[ogg-dev] [PATCH] browser_plugin - kate support, build fixes, and misc

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Mon Apr 28 03:15:13 PDT 2008


this patch adds:

 - kate support (what else) - this bumps the Javascript API to 1.1
 - a few build fixes (note that the adding of -L/usr/X11/lib -lX11
looks suspect to me, that shouldn't be needed, so you may want to
leave it out if you think so as well - it's odd as X11 using programs
do configure fine on that box)
 - bad pointer dereference fix (mouse callback)
 - avoid the input widget in test.html firing hotkey'd functions

Note that the rendering code is only implemented for the Linux version
at the moment, and I don't have a Mac or Windows machine, so I'm hoping
a coder with either might be interested in having it working for him/her :)
The callback should work on all platforms though (heavily piggybacking
on the CMML code here).

Note also that this uses simple text from liboggplay, so directionality is not
taken into account (eg, Arabic text displays in the wrong order). This is not
really fixable now anyway as Imlib doesn't seem to support this (if I draw
right to left as a test, characters are flipped too, which we don't want).
This will get fixed once I get my rendering lib done, and liboggplay will have
the ability to send Kate streams as YUV overlay data (which can then be
drawn over a Theora video). This is longer term though (and will add more
dependencies to liboggplay, like cairo and pango).

Only one Kate stream may be selected at a time, but they can be changed
on the fly, with language/category exposed to Javascript so they can be
put in a menu or something. See the new test buttons in test.html.

The font selection is not great - it picks the first font it finds in a list of
predefined paths - though the font can be overridden by Javascript.
I wanted to get the default font from the Mozilla preferences, but it seems
that it's not possible to get to this from a plugin (as opposed to an
correct me if I'm wrong. First time I've written code for a Mozilla plugin, so
I'll be missing a lot.

If anyone happens to be interested, I'd welcome comments on the Javascript
API. I'm just thinking it might be a good idea to add text color setters. Or
maybe rendering text twice at different sizes to give an outline so
it's readable
for all backgrounds.

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