[ogg-dev] [PATCH] liboggplay - kate support, build fixes, and misc

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Mon Apr 21 03:33:09 PDT 2008


I've added kate support to liboggplay (a prerequisite to getting kate tracks
to work with the mozilla plugin, which I've now got working on Linux).

In addition to the Kate code:

- a new oggplay-uninstalled.pc file
- configure.ac checks for C++ compiler
- no check for fishsound version - it wanted 0.8.0, but the svn itself
was 0.7.1 !?
- don't use imlib2 (nor dump-first-frame) if it isn't here (I didn't
have this when I started hacking on liboggplay)
- frob the CFLAGS/LIBS in Makefile.am to make it build for me (you
want to look at this and only pick what seems correct to you, as I'm
hazy on that one)
- oggplay_set_track_inactive is now exposed in the API (I needed this
to switch kate tracks
on the fly in the browser plugin)

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