[ogg-dev] vs2005 project file output dir inconsistency

Andrew Chew andrew at okashistudios.com
Sat Apr 12 17:53:29 PDT 2008

I just checked out trunk/ogg to build the latest libogg, and noticed an 
inconsistency in the project settings.

For the two build configurations Debug and Release, we have as the 
Output Directory "$(SolutionDir)$(ConfigurationName)", and the 
Intermediate Directory "Debug".

However, for the two build configurations Release_SSE and Release_SSE2, 
Output Directory is "$(ConfigurationName)" and Intermediate Directory is 
also "$ConfigurationName)".

How come this is inconsistent?  If this is unintentional, which one 
should we use?  I'll be happy to supply a patch to fix this up.

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