[ogg-dev] problem with some ogg header files with speex

Erwan A mout551 at hotmail.fr
Tue Apr 1 05:54:36 PDT 2008

Thanks,I have modified the --prefix option by adding the path of my arm buil system. I has compiled without mistakes.I can continue to the next step. Without mistakes i hope !Regards,Erwan> Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 11:03:32 +0000> From: ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com> To: mout551 at hotmail.fr> Subject: Re: [ogg-dev] problem with some ogg header files with speex> CC: ogg-dev at xiph.org> > > /usr/include/bits/mathinline.h: In function `__atan2l':> > /usr/include/bits/mathinline.h:445: error: unknown register name `st(1)' in> > `asm'> > And it's now pulling your system includes, prob <math.h>.> You really need to look up a doc on cross compiling, or you'll end up having> to copy away all your system to become essentially an ARM machine, but> without the actual ARM CPU to go with it.> Restore your libogg includes and libs first though.> I have no idea what env var may be needed, if any, that was just a suggestion> to start looking.
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