[ogg-dev] Re: [Vorbis-dev] Peer review draft for the new media types/file extensions

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves justivo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 07:26:49 PDT 2007

I missed Ian's reply somehow.

I decided to go with MAY requirement in "audio/ogg", because most
files out there like Vorbis and Speex are of a single stream, and
explicity requiring that implementations SHOULD support multiplexed
streams in "audio/ogg" did not seem right to me, as SHOULD is a strong
requirement.  MAY seemed to fit best in the audio/ogg case.
"video/ogg", however, SHOULD support multiplexed streams, as most
video files have at least one visual and audio track.

The rationale behind this is trying to be realistic.  Implementations
that fail SHOULD requirements become non-compliant with the spec.
"MAY" encourages, but does not enforce the requirement, allowing
simple applications (e.g. hardware players) to deal with "audio/ogg"
and still be compliant with the spec.

If there's a strong argument against this choice of requirement
levels, the "audio/ogg" section may be changed to a "SHOULD"

I still need to create the whole references section.  Geez.


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