[ogg-dev] patch for oggz-comment

Kangyuan Niu kangyuan.niu at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 01:35:25 PST 2007

Actually, the oggz-comment.c on my computer has

void help() {
  printf("Usage: oggz-comment filename [options] tagname=tagvalue ...\n");
  printf("\t-h, --help\t\tDisplay this message\n");
  printf("\t-v, --version\t\tOutput version information\n");
  printf("\t-c, --clear\t\tClear comments before editing\n");
  printf("\t-o [output file]\tcreate new copy with edited comments\n");
  printf("\t-t [content type]\tedit comments for this content type only\n");
  printf("\t-s [serial number]\tedit comments for this serial number 
  printf("\t-a\t\t\tedit comments for all bitstreams\n\n");

It definitely needs some serious revision, since, compared to other 
things in liboggz, this one sticks out like a swollen, festering sore 
thumb. Sorry 'bout that.

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